Babylon III

In 1994 a small label called Analog Distillery released a cassette compilation of some of Louisville Kentucky's best artists covering the Misfits, including Crain, Endpoint, Rodan, and Sunspring. In 2007, for the 13th anniversary, we released a follow up, Louisville Babylon II, with some of Louisville's best artists of the day including My Morning Jacket, PAJO, and Wax Fang.

It is now the 13th anniversary of Babylon II, so we are releasing a third Louisville Babylon in October 2020!

Band and track list:

Dahm Majuri Cipolla - Death Comes A Ripping
Cobra Jet - We Are 138
Drift City - She
The Excuses - Some Kinda Hate
Eyeball - Some Kinda Hate
Golden Dead - Astro Zombies
Hawks - American Nightmare
Horseless - Hollywood Babylon
John King & Jessica Bailiff - Hybrid Moments
Prayer Line - Crawling Eye
Pardieu - London Dungeon
Rat Bastards - In The Doorway
Team Blood - Teenagers From Mars
Tender Mercy - Where Eagles Dare
Season of the Witch - Bloodfeast 
Yellow Cellophane - Saturday Night

Louisville Babylon II is available for free download here