HIJACK'S Tender Pieces

We are proud to announce the first full length solo album by veteran hip hop artist MC HIJACK is FREE of charge for all. As part of our protest music series, Broken Bottles And Brickbats with social activist group The Electric Church Of The Tambourine, all albums in the series are available for free download.

Free downloads will be available here on our Bandcamp page.
About the Album:

Although an instrumental album, for the most part, it tells a story that happens in the future, hopefully the near future, of a people enslaved by a government with laws meant to keep them poor and in ill health while being forced to serve the wealthy class of privileged ungrateful people that take their power, health, and longer lives for granted and look down on the enslaved class. In the center of this struggle is a man who believes his wealth is a result of his cunning and not of an unfair capitalist society that preys on the powerless.
But having been pushed too far, the enslaved class rise up. Afraid for their lives, this group at first believes if they keep their heads down things might get better; But after 250 years of lies and murder from the government this group realizes there is no other option but to fight back. More and more fearless people begin to speak out attracting more and more to the cause. Non-slaves also join the fight realizing that equality and freedom are human rights for all.
Demands are made and blood is shed, but after the smoke clears this group realizes they are victorious and set out to build a brighter future and a government that truly embodies all citizens.

Recorded by MC HIJACK, of long standing Louisville group Team Totoro, in the ancient hip hop style of Turntablism, and mixed at The Electric Church Of The Tambourine. Cover Photo and mentoring by Prep D (also of Team Totoro).

About the Broken Bottles And Brickbats Series:

 Louisville Is For Lovers and The Electric Church Of The Tambourine have partnered up to sponsor an ongoing series of protest and activist music called Broken Bottles and Brickbats aimed at uniting like minded individuals working for an equal future for all. All releases in this series are FREE of charge and available on the Broken Bottles And Brickbats site.

The first release in the series was Team Totoro's 'Democrasexxy: Demand An End To Economic Slavery' Released on Presidential Election day (11/8) in 2016. MC HIJACK & Prep D have been releasing music as Team Totoro since 1999.

The second release in the series was The Gallery Singers 'POWER TO THE POOR' EP released on Presidential Inauguration Day (1/20) in 2017, followed later in 2017 by MC HIJACK's 'Truth Church' EP on November 5th (Guy Fawkes Day). Release dates are important in the series and usually picked for political reasons, regardless of wether or not they fall on a Friday, the traditional release day. Tender Pieces will be released on July 5th.

About the Release Date of Thursday July 5th:

The day of July 5th was picked for HIJACK'S Tender Pieces, deliberately a day after Independence Day, in honor of the speech "What to a slave is the 4th of July?" given by Frederick Douglass on July 5, 1852 as we believe slavery in all it's forms is unacceptable. We also believe that future generations will look back in history and see our government's relentless attack on poor Americans by keeping them from a living wage, health care, education, and having a voice in governance with the same disdain that we look back on chattel slavery from Douglass' time.