LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS 2018 Valentine's Compilation 
''Darlin Beloved''
Release Date: Feb. 2nd (Pre-orders will be available Jan.1st)

Release Date: 2/2/2018 (CD/Digital Download)

22 exclusive tracks by Louisville Artists.

Bands: Adventure, Bon Air, Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Brenda, Cephus, Eyeball, Frederick The Younger, Future Killer,  Lacey Guthrie, Heat Machine, Soft Self Portraits, Jaye Jayle, Kabuwe, killii killii, Keddiz - Greid & Rasulala,  KWIETA, Mother Runaway, Plum Hokum and Christy O'Connell, S.V.S, Sweet Sand, Tender Mercy, Wax Astro, Winger Brothers.

The Deluxe edition of the compilation will include a Duets EP titled 'Little Darlin' Companion Album, with exclusive duets by Bonnie 'prince' Billy,  Lacey Guthrie, John King, and The Winger Brothers. The Deluxe Edition is only available in participating Louisville music shops; however  Online Preorders will receive an immediate download of the Duets EP (for a total of 25 Love songs).

Preorders can also be made at Better Days and Guestroom Records starting on Jan.1st and will also receive an immediate download coupon for the EP.  The Deluxe Edition of the 2018 album will also be available for preorder at participating stores and will receive the bonus cassette at the time of preorder (while supplies Last).


Instore Performance at Guestroom Records:
with Brenda and Frederick The Younger
 Feb. 2nd 7pm FREE

2018 Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's Showcase:

Saturday Feb. 10th at LFPL (301 York street) 6pm-10pm FREE.
Soft Self Portraits
Mother Runaway
 The event is sponsored by the Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) and the Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA). The event will start at 6pm with the Wild And Wooly Film Series with a screening of Breadcrumb Trail: The Story Of Slint
Facebook Event Page

2018 Compilation Artist Track listing:

1.Future Killer 'I Was Young' 

2. Soft Self Portraits 'Wistful Thinking'

3. KWIETA 'Own Light'

4. Brenda 'Winter Coat'

5. Heat Machine 'For The Love Of Vine Grove'

6.  Frederick The Younger 'Sleep With The Lights On'

7. Mother Runaway 'I'll Stay'

8. Plum Hokum and Christy O'Connell  'Sissy, Don't.'

9.  Adventure 'You Can't Take My Place' 

10. Winger Brothers 'Drinks Are On Me'  

11. Bonnie 'prince' Billy with John King and the Winger Brothers 'Does He Love You'

12. Eyeball 'Lila Wren'

13. Jaye Jayle 'Let That Train Stop'

14. Tender Mercy 'She Lives'

15. Sweet Sand 'On Your Heart'

16. Cephus 'Wild: Crazy'

17. killii killii 'I Love You Don't Eat Me'

18. S.V.S 'Bikes In The Bedroom

19. Wax Astro 'Telephone'

20. Kabuwe ' More Medicine' 

21. Bon Air 'Do You Ever Think About Me' 

22. Keddiz, Greid, & Rasulala 'Little Cabbage'

Little Darlin Companion Album: The 2018  Duets 
Bonus  E.P.
1. Bonny, Johnny, & The Winger Brothers 'Does He Love You'
2. Shadowpop 'Temporary Lover'
3. Shadowpop 'Tough Crush'
4. Lacey & Johnny and the Louisville Is For Lovers Band 'Nothing Compares 2 U'