Louisville Is For Lovers Vol​.​14 "American Promenade" (2019)

Release Date: Feb. 1st
 Pre-orders available Here
(CD/Digital Download) 17 exclusive tracks by Louisville Artists.
Limited Edition of 100.

Track Listing
1. Pardieu -  Polly Drives Away
2. Justin North - Death and Love in Space
3. Drift City - The Transmutable Heart
4. Brother Wolves - Count 'em All
5. Hawks - Hey Denise
6. Planetary Overdrive - In Your Arms Again
7. Sam Filiatreau & Maggie Halfman - Water
8. Carl Jacob and Sheri Lynn Feat. Anthony Olympia - I'll Be Free
9. Eyeball - Scratch Free Records
10. Your Band - Your Song
11. FAT LAVA - Hold To Stay
12. Fiji Waters - Promises
13. Monkey Boy - Feels Of The Night
14. Andrew Rinehart - They Say
15. The Fervor with Martin O'Toole - Let the Sun Shine In
16. Electric Choir - Heroin Gracelessness
17. Cubic Centimetre - Cavebug

Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 14 CD package will come with one of four covers designed by artists at StudioWorks; an arts program provided by Zoom Group. Studioworks provides a creative space for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities so that they may pursue their passion in creative arts. Zoom Group is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower, educate and employ people of all abilities.  Each of the four packaging options will have it's own exclusive bonus track.

Deluxe Edition:
 A deluxe version will be available only in Louisville record shops that includes high quality reproductions of all four designs and a 2nd disc with all four bonus songs + an additional bonus song.

Bonus Tracks:
Pardieu - Up Against The Wall [From Album Design 1]
Sam Filiatreau - Fine By Me [From Album Design 2]
Monkey Boy - Feels Of The Night (Extended Version) [From Album Design 3]
MC HIJACK - Sally Sunset Dream (And Her Friend Karen) [From Album Design 4]


4pm & 7:30pm. $10ea/$15 per couple
Matinee: Your Band, Sam Filiatreau & Maggie Halfman, Monkey Boy. 4-7pm
Evening: Sam Filiatreau & Maggie Halfman, Your Band, Fiji Waters, Eyeball. 7:30-10:30pm