If you are interested in submitting a song for the 2020 compilation please review our Submission Guidelines below and send tracks (2 max per band/artist) via email to between July 1st and October 1st, 2019.

1. Song must be an UNRELEASED love song (What exactly constitutes LOVE is entirely up to you. We have had love songs about cars, robots, pets, boys, girls.. And also 'end of love' songs too of course!)
2. Song must NOT be slated for any other another release or shared anywhere publicly (which means upcoming releases as well as streaming, posted, or uploaded on the web. We want every song to be a delicious surprise for those who get our comp).
3. Must be AN ORIGINAL composition.
4. Band/Artist MUST be operating out of Louisville, KY, USA.
5. File should be .aiff  or  .wav (we prefer AIFF but either will do). Please keep it over 5MB and under 50MB, we are working with some bubblegum and shoestring type equipment here..
6. Once a file is received you will get a conformation email as well as a form to be filled out and returned by October 1st. The List of songs accepted will be posted by Jan. 1st 2020 on this site. Generally we get between 50 and 100 submissions and have room for 20 or less. If you are not accepted this year DO Not be discouraged! And please try again next year, some of our favorite artists applied 2 or 3 times before we could fit them in. 

Thank you and good luck!