There Is No One

 Nov.26 2013 Vinyl and Cassette July
16 2014 Digital
 We are happy to announce that the very limited release (500 LPs) of THERE IS NO ONE;
13 Louisville bands/Artists (including Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) cover 1993's THERE IS NO-ONE WHAT WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU by the Palace Brothers for it's 20th anniversary. Album is covered in it's entirety, all 12 tracks in order, with a bonus recording of Oh Lord Are You In Need? that was originally only included in the US cassette tape release included in the digital download. Get the digital download or Order the Vinyl LP (with immediate download) here. Color LP & Download $15 (+ Shipping). Download $5. 1) Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Playthings - The Gallery Singers at the Electric Church of the Tambourine 2) Long Before- Plastic Bubble 3) I Tried to Stay Healthy for You - Brick Pitino 4) The Cellar Song - Cheyenne Mize 5) (I Was Drunk at the) Pulpit -Wax Fang 6) There is No-One What Will Take Care of You - The Deloreans 7) O Lord Are You In Need -Ben Mundane (Glen Dentinger, Joe Manning And Rachel Grimes cassette release) 8) Merida -Tender Mercy 9) King Me - Lydia Burrell 10) I Had a Good Mother and Father -Black birds of Paradise 11) Riding - Second Story Man 12) O Paul – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy